Emergence of a new asset class

Blockchain has emerged as a new technology that could become as revolutionary as the internet a few decades ago. We are still early in this new promising revolution. Big corporates such as Fidelity, JPMorgan or Facebook have all made big announcements over the last few months. They are all embracing the potential benefits of this technology.

With public blockchains (such as Bitcoin) come crypto assets that are needed to operate them in an efficient manner. Hence, these will give rise to an entire new asset class that will require full management services. BTC was launched more than 10 years ago and has a market cap of over USD 140 billion. Over its life time, it has demonstrated some unparalleled characteristics such as high volatility, fatter tails on the upside vs traditional normal distribution and very low correlation with traditional asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities). Hence, Bitcoin is the perfect candidate to be incorporated in an investment portfolio to enhance its risk / reward profile.

Bitcoin study

At NAPOLEON AM, we have conducted a deep analysis about Bitcoin investment within a diversified portfolio. You can read this study below:


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